Cabernet Sauvignon 2019


Complex aroma showing cassis and dark berry fruits overlayed with spicy oak and savoury notes


Rich with good fruit and oak integration and balanced acidity. A long finish with soft sweet tannins


13.8% VOL


7+ years

Wine specs


While this Cabernet Sauvignon is already generous and captivating in its youth, it truly shines when given the opportunity to mature gracefully in the bottle. With time, its complexities deepen, and its true potential unfolds, rewarding those who exercise patience. Embrace the journey of this wine, allowing it to evolve and reveal its fullest expression with each passing year.

Wine specs

Food pairing notes

Cabernet Sauvignon is a sublime match for sumptuous and satisfying winter fare, such as juicy rib eye steak, tender slow-cooked lamb shanks, and savory mushrooms. Its robust character and depth effortlessly enhance the flavors of these dishes, making it an impeccable companion for the dinner table throughout the season.

When considering food pairings, Cabernet Sauvignon excels alongside a variety of delectable options. Roasted beef, pork, and lamb all benefit from the wine’s bold presence. Mushroom-based dishes, pasta with red sauce, and burgers also harmonize beautifully with Cabernet Sauvignon. For a truly indulgent experience, try it alongside beef or pork ribs, grilled or roasted lamb, and a selection of cheeses. Of course, a well-prepared steak is always a classic choice to showcase the wine’s magnificence.

With its versatility and ability to elevate a wide range of dishes, Cabernet Sauvignon stands as a compelling choice for those seeking to enhance their dining experiences during the winter season.