Adale Estate Story

Adal Estate complements its Gippsland wine region harvest with grapes sourced from over 60 carefully selected South Eastern Australian vineyards in the premium regions of the Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley, Barossa Valley, Currency Creek, Langhorne Creek, Limestone Coast, McLaren Vale, Riverland (SA), SEA (Murray Darling Victoria).

Adal Estate is a luxury wine brand made in Australia that reflects the unique terroir of our vineyards, using sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices to ensure the health and vitality of our land for generations to come.

Our mission is to create wines that not only delight the senses, but also bring people together, fostering community and a sense of shared experience.

Our statement

We excel in crafting exquisite wines that tantalize the palate and uplift the spirit.

Adal Estate

Wine Making Process

Unveiling the Art Behind Each Bottle. Delve into the intricate world of our wine making process, where passion, precision, and patience converge. From the careful selection of vineyards to the gentle pressing of grapes, every step is meticulously orchestrated to capture the essence of our terroir. Fermentation, aging, and masterful blending further elevate our wines, creating harmonious flavors and captivating aromas. Witness the artistry and dedication that go into every bottle, as we invite you to discover the true craftsmanship behind our exceptional wines.

Traditional & Modern

Our winemaking process combines traditional methods with modern techniques to ensure the highest quality and integrity of our wines.


We carefully select and handpick our grapes at optimal ripeness, then ferment and age them in French oak barrels for the perfect balance of flavour and texture.


Our winemakers take pride in every step of the process, from grape to bottle, to ensure that each wine is a true reflection of the unique terroir of our vineyards and the expertise of our team.

We harmoniously blend modern and traditional techniques to deliver unparalleled quality and extraordinary flavors.