Merlot 2019

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The enticing scents of redcurrant, plum, and blackberry meld harmoniously with the savory hints of black olive and thyme.


Indulge in the opulence of rich black plum accompanied by a hint of pepper.


13% VOL


7+ years

Wine specs


An outstanding Merlot made to impress by winemakers who understand the art of making great Australian Merlot. Purple with crimson hues with aroma of classic Merlot nose of rich ripe berry fruits, plum, married with rich dark chocolate and only a hint of sweet vanillin oak. This wine has a huge depth of flavours yet has maintained complexity and a ‘softness’ that is difficult to describe.

Wine specs

Food pairing notes

Merlot is renowned as an excellent wine for pairing with food. When crafted in a medium-bodied style, Merlot is a perfect match for an array of delicious dishes. From succulent duck and comforting meatloaf to classic pizza and mouthwatering chicken and beef, Merlot complements them all. It also pairs wonderfully with cheese, snacks, fish, vegetarian food, and pasta. With its plush and juicy flavors of plum and cherries, Merlot tantalizes the palate and delights with hints of bittersweet chocolate and smoky notes, creating a truly seductive red wine. Thanks to its moderate tannins and balanced acidity, Merlot is a winner with a wide variety of dishes, making it a fantastic choice for large events featuring roast beef, lasagna, pork chops, and turkey.