Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 Limited Release


Classic cabernet nose of rich ripe berry fruits married with rich dark chocolate and a hint of sweet oak


A distinct mouthfeel of ripe mulberries with strains of other berries and overtones of liquorice. Huge depth of flavours, complexity and softness


14.2% VOL


7+ years

Wine specs


A top-tier Cabernet with remarkable pedigree, bearing testimony to the mastery of traditional winecraft and innovation. The warm climate of South Australia lends itself to the production of Cabernet wines that are renowned for their richness and full-flavored nature. The result is this highly regarded Cabernet of deep purple hues, full-blown ripe fruit aroma, and a remarkable palate that is robust, sophisticated and exquisitely enjoyable. Reserved for truly special occasions, this wine offers velvety tannins, a well-rounded profile, intricate tasting notes, and a sophisticated mouthfeel, elevating it to a league of its own.

Wine specs

Food pairing notes

Cabernet Sauvignon, lovingly referred to as cab sav by Australians, is our go-to red wine all year round, especially during the cooler months. It harmonizes flawlessly with rich and hearty winter dishes like juicy rib eye steak, tender slow-cooked lamb shanks, and savory mushrooms. The wine’s robust character and depth perfectly complement the flavors of these dishes, making it an ideal companion for the dinner table during the season. Whether sipped by a crackling fireplace or shared in the cozy ambiance of a gathering, Cabernet Sauvignon adds a delightful touch of warmth and pleasure to winter dining experiences.

When considering food pairings, Cabernet Sauvignon excels alongside a variety of delectable options. Roasted beef, pork, and lamb all benefit from the wine’s bold presence. Mushroom-based dishes, pasta with red sauce, and burgers also harmonize beautifully with Cabernet Sauvignon. For a truly indulgent experience, try it alongside beef or pork ribs, grilled or roasted lamb, and a selection of cheeses. Of course, a well-prepared steak is always a classic choice to showcase the wine’s magnificence.

With its versatility and ability to elevate a wide range of dishes, Cabernet Sauvignon stands as a compelling choice for those seeking to enhance their dining experiences during the winter season.